Kungsäter Race Awnings

From July 1th 2019, Erik Karlsson and Patrik Lampe with their newly started company Kungsäter Trading AB will take over the product – “Race Awnings” from Kungsäter Industri AB, with the new brand – Kungsäter Race Awnings.

Both Patrik and Erik have many years of experience in Kungsäter Industries’ business, especially when it comes to race awnings. Patrik has worked as an employee at Kungsäter Industri with design, sale and marketing. As a subcontractor to Kungsäter Industri, Erik has been a key person for the race awnings, like development, manufacture and assembly of frames and metal parts.

Kungsäter Industri will continue to manufacture textiles for race awnings, as a subcontractor to Kungsäter Trading.

For more information or quotation, please contact Patrik Lampe


+46 73 65 77 669